Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Notes from Creighton Value Investing Panel

Dear Readers,

I have finally gotten around to editing my notes from the Creighton Value Investing Panel that was held the day before the 2011 Berkshire Annual Meeting in Omaha. I was initially focused on getting my notes posted from the events I know people are really interested in: the BRK meeting, the Value Investing Congress, and the Markel Breakfast. However, after reviewing and editing the notes from the Creighton Panel, I remembered that the discussion had actually been quite interesting.

Given that the event is held on a college campus, the focus was more on high-level, philosophy of investing-type questions and less on individual security analysis. However, the panelists (listed below) discussed a number of stock ideas and provided a lot of detail regarding their approach to investing. All of the panelists are true value investors but clearly have distinctly different styles and types of companies they are attracted to. As such, I highly recommend reading through the notes if you are interested in the various approaches to value investing.

Whitney Tilson of T2 Partners
Vitaliy Katsenelson of Investment Management Associates
Michael Green of Evergreen Capital Management
Patrick Brennan of RBO & C0.

As usual, I have embedded a Scribd document of my notes to this post. If you have trouble using Scribd, click this link and you can access the notes through Google Docs. Finally, if neither of those avenues works, please feel free to email me at and I will send you a PDF copy.

I hope you enjoy the notes and will stay tuned to the blog for a couple interviews with great investors.


Ben "I Finally Graduate this Friday" Claremon

Creighton Value Investing Panel